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Peter (“Pete”) James Farmer, was born in South Devon, England in 1980. His father was in the armed forces and so he grew up (an only child) predominantly with just his mother, herself a product of a large family and being the only girl. This meant that from an early age, Pete had culinary skills passed down onto him and would often cook with other family members on visits.

He is a graduate of Exeter College, Oxford University where he studied Physiological Sciences (specialising in Neuroscience and Immunology). This background explains the frequency in which this book lapses into a science textbook sometimes (although he hopes you enjoy learning some of the science behind the cooking). Pete later went on to gain an MBA and a third Masters degree in International Finance.

A keen traveller, Pete has visited; Belgium, Botswana, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Jordan, Norway, India, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America (East and West Coast) and Zimbabwe.

When not cooking, he works as a telecommunications regulation specialist and currently lives in Surrey with his two cats.


The book “Quantum Leaps” (a working title that’s sticking) has been, and remains, a long time in the making. I guess I could say that I started it some 15 years ago, in the form of a tatty notebook where I collated all my favourite recipes. After that grew (and several instances of thinking it was lost), I started to bring them together on the computer. It wasn’t long before I added some pretty formatting and before I knew it, I had the foundations of this book.

The title reflects my own premise for teaching people how to cook. Somewhere within it I talk about Delia Smith’s “How to Cook” series and her really “blank piece of paper” starting point of eggs; however, I’ve always found myself passing on tips, or teaching others things from a position of them already knowing some basics. With one embarrassing exception I discovered (don’t ask!) everyone knows how to peel and chop and onion or a potato. I would wager most can prepare a Bolognese sauce with a helping hand from Dolmio. Be it growing up and helping out in a hectic family, to making an effort for a friend, to a romantic meal or even just student life, I am pretty sure the vast majority of people have some basic skills.

I can’t take credit for the name; that came from a friend who asked advise whilst scrambling eggs. He was using a very heavy based pan and they never came out right. I had him swap to a wok, so her could more instantly control the heat. Realising it had works, he exclaimed “Wow, that was a quantum leap forward”, and here we are.

What I want to do with my book is to take that foundation, and help people make small changes from where they are today for large reslults. I want to provide some ideas and recipes and skills to take a bland, supermarket prepackaged dominated kitchen life into something far more adventurous.

Unlike celebrity chefs whose entire life revolves around cooking, I’m not going to evangelise always cooking at home from scratch and only shopping in markets or farm shops; not least because that would be hypocritical. Modern life means that’s never likely to be achievable unless you’re a full time homemaker; but at weekends, maybe I can inspire you to fill your freezer full of cheap and delicious homemade ready meals, or to be a little more adventurous.

Incidentally, the very genesis of this book means some recipes may be familiar; inspired from the web or a book on loan, then edited, annotated and adapted. By no means is any plagiarism intended nor do I make out much of this to be my own; it is all very much an evolution of what I have learned over the years.

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You can contact the author, Pete Farmer, by email at peter@quantumleaps.org.uk or twitter @QuantumLeapsCK

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Peter Farmer also holds a City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety and Hygiene.


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