What happened to the British baker? When when I was growing up I recall there being one in my village and others around and about.

Granted, supermarkets bake on site, but the produce is laden with preserving agents – hence it can last between shops. The high street has seen the rise of “Greggs”, which I class as a bakery in the loosest possible sense.

We have shows like the Great British Bake Off which has reinvigorated home baking of cupcakes and even, I guess, added to the environment in which the growing number of boutique cake shops operate in.

So why is it so hard to go out in the morning and get an artisan loaf of bread for the day? In Saint Gervais, where I stayed recently, there were two boulangeries within 10-12 minutes walk of our apartment and another 2 a little smidge further afield.

It’s a travesty that we rely on preserved, mass produced fayre and have let our own artisan and local industries wither (butchers and greengrocers too)….. Personally I make the majority of my own bread, but would dearly love to see a return of the local baker.

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