Regular readers may remember a disagreement I had with the owner of El Sabio in Newbury about misdescribing Paella Valenciana on a menu when the correct name, for him, would be Paella Mixta. Barcelona, part of a mini-chain of tapas bars in Aldgate, London, does the same thing. They agree with me that the description is wrong but they put it down to Catalan apathy as opposed to trying to defend it. This endears me to the place further.

I’ve been a regular for many years; it has all the hallmarks of a good tapas place; lethargic service, but an understanding if you want to take things slow as I have previously discussed, cold Spanish beer on draught, Sangria, Spanish football on the big screen and of course great food.

Whilst El Rincon in Manchester is marginally better on almost all criteria, Barcelona is a favourite here at home in London and worth a look. Especially during happy hour!

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