Kulfi (colloquially “Indian ice cream”, although that comparison does it a slight disservice) is a wonderful thing. Slightly creamier and denser than your classic Western variants and usually with much more exotic flavours; pistachio, rosewater etc.

It is traditionally used by slow cooking and evaporating sweetened milk until it reaches a creamier like consistency, then freezing. That’s quite a faff; I have found a much quicker way of doing this.

The process I have just described is essentially the same as “condensed milk”, so take a 400g tin of that, add whatever you want to it (some suggestions below), in a separate bowl whip 300g of double cream into soft peaks, fold the cream into the milk, pour into ramekins and freeze (about 4 hours should do it, but preferably overnight). The folding process may result in lumps of cream, just push down on them into the bowl with a spatula and eventually they will integrate properly; this is essentially the same process as macaronage i.e. removing air from a macaroon mix.

Voila; near instant ice cream, without the fuss, or even a machine.

Suggestions for adding to the mix;

  • 2 tbsp rosewater, 50g chopped almonds or pistachios
  • 1 tsp peppermint essence, 50g finely chopped dark chocolate (or a twix or mars bar!) and a splash of green food colour for effect
  • 1 good tsp vanilla extract (nothing else!)
  • Anything and everything you can think of!


Cheats’ Ice Cream
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