The DeliLocally known as just “Daisy’s”, Daisy’s Urban Farm Kitchen in Lowestoft, Suffolk, may be one of the best finds I have made for some time, which is rather high praise even if I do say so myself.

It’s located centrally, near the train station, facing the water and a bridge over said water. The interior is what I would call “Gaucho Parody” in that some of the same furry devices emulating animal skin are used. The layout is functional, and, from a covers perspective, potentially sub-optimal; I am pretty sure more could be worked in, but that’s part of its charm. As a result of flooding a while ago, and lacklustre insurance payout, the floor is down to the original concrete. Apparently it is going to be redone, but you know what, as it is kind of adds to the urban chic of the establishment; I’d be inclinded to leave it as it to be honest.

The menu is simple. All burgers; with hot dogs to take away. That said, the burgers on offer are beef, pulled pork, lamb or vegetarian and the range is electic, from the traditional beef through to curried vegetable and onion bhaji. Accompniaments are chips. And that’s it. Very simple.

I opted for “The Deli”, being a large beef patty (more a cricket ball) cooked to medium rare perfection, with local salami, pastrami, gherkins and an american style sauce. This was epic. They make a point of sourcing things locally, and this really shows. Friend opted for “The Japanese” which was a pulled pork variant; the pulled pork having been very clearly done without many, if any, short cuts. No fat and virtually melting on the plate and again sourced locally (a village a few miles down the road)! I opted for the Ceasar dressed chips – a bucket of hand cut, skin on chips, fluffy outside crispy outside, coated in a homemade ceasar dressing with lashings of shaved parmesan. My only criticism is that the bucket presentation, especially with a sauce, means the chips can go soggier quicker, but it’s a minor issue.

Drinks are focussed on local ciders and beers (Adnams of course being just down the road) and everything is reasonably priced. Including a wonderful dessert, petit fours that arrived with the bill and the two burgers, chips and two drinks each, the damage was just £38.

The only problem with Daisy’s is that it is 3.5 hours away from Surrey. In the middle of nowhere. Someone, please, open a London branch replicating everything.


The Essentials
Restaurant NameDaisy's Urban Farm Kitchen
VistedApril 2014
Price Range£25 a head (Dinner)
Phone 01502 585235
Address18 Station Square, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32 1BA
Daisy’s Urban Farm Kitchen
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