Le Pot du Clape is a small bistro alongside the ramparts in the northern French town of Montreuil-sur-Mer

Service and Decor at Le Pot du Clape

The welcome and service at Le Pot du Clape is traditional rural Gaelic; which means friendly, warm and familial. The interior decor is reminiscent of those gites you stayed in as a child and it opens out onto an epic terrace adjacent to the delightful ramparts of Montreuil-sur-Mer, on which one could easily while away a summer’s day. The wine and beer list is wonderfully short, just a couple of entries for red and white – which are very well chosen house wines.

Food at Le Pot du Clape

When we entered the establishment, we were confronted by someone peeling an epic quantity of butternut squash. This leaves you in no doubt that what they do is homemade, and what they do is very simply two things. Well, actually four things, but two are related and the fourth doesn’t count. Le Pot du Clape quite simply does soup, quiche (and flamiche, which, despite the purists’ objections, is related to quiche) and tartine (open sandwiches – this doesn’t really count). There’s a that describes various combinations of these as a set menu, or on their own, but what of each is available that day is a function of what’s available in the kitchen from what’s been made that day. If I ever open my open hostelry, it’s this excellence in simplicity I want to emulate.

We both opted for the spinach and blue cheese soup which was excellent, both ingredients combined in the right quantity to complement each other without either overpowering. My friend had her’s accompanied by charcuterie and cheese (which included a rather epic rilette), and I opted to have mine followed with a mushroom quiche. Quite simply, it is possibly the best quiche I have ever had – thin shortcrust pastry cooked crispy (but not burned), a wonderful mushroom filling that was still a little liquid, topped with mushrooms and Gruyere that had then been under a hot grill to crisp it up. If it wasn’t for the fact this was only lunch, I might have ordered on of each other quiche they had on that day.


Le Pot du Clape is amazing; it is the very epitome of the style of hostelry I enjoy and extol when I come across them. It’s very good, honest, home cooking by a staff that care. I am in two minds whether to return; I am torn between the risk of soiling the memory and wanting more soup and quiche. Either way, I would commend it to anyone in the area – not least because the 30 minute walk around the ramparts that can preceds or follow help dent the calories!

The Essentials
Restaurant NameLe Pot du Clape
VisitedJune 2015
Price Range£15 a head inc a carafe
Phone+33 03 21 05 46 35
Addressrue du Clape en Bas 62170 Montreuil/Mer
Le pot du clape
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