People think that Macaroons are hard. They’re not.

Well, that’s not entirely true. They require patience, a deft hand, some specialist equipment (if you can call a piping bag specialist) and time if you want to make a tantalising array like you would see in a French shop front.

I’ve long wanted to give it a go, but the above list of prerequisites put me off…… but eventually curiosity got the better of me so I bought the book “Mad About Macaroons”. I followed the recipe almost to the letter and the second batch (because in the preceding batch, firstly my piping skills were rusty and secondly because I tried to cram too many onto one sheet) was actually quite good – I did a basic lemon meringue version.

Jill Colonna’s book is full of macroon porn photography as well as loads of different combinations, all stemming from the basic recipe she outlines in detail at the beginning. I will venture she is overly pedantic about aging the eggs and the amount of air you have to exclude from the recipe for your average home cook, no matter how absolutely technically correct she is (I skipped the former point and was a little lazy on the second without adverse consequences).

In any event, with Christmas coming up rapidly, here’s a brilliant way to give very impressive personalised gifts in a thrifty way; make macaroons.

The book can be purchased from Amazon here;

Mad about Macaroons
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