“Two courses, £12.50, served in half an hour or it’s free”. So goes my slightly paraphrased version of Niche’s byline. A bakery come restaurant in Angel, right next to Sadler’s Wells theatre (hence this obvious attempt at attracting a certain clientele), Niche is exactly that; a niche. Elements of Shoreditch abound – clinical white tables and chairs, wallpaper with a brick pattern, menus doubling as place mats – you get the idea.

Anyway, as a nod to the bakery it claims to be, the first course in the pre-theatre menu is a sharing platter of breads, chicken liver parfait, houmous, and red onion jam. All of which clearly home made and executed very well (though given the amount the bread was beginning to dry out, I suspect it had been sliced a little too much in advance). You then have a choice of a salad, pie or quiche. My chicken pie had a wonderfully homemade creamy filling – my side of chips (added on) were also well executed and clearly hand cut and homemade. The shortcrust pastry which made up my pie was also well executed and homemade, the only thing I will say is that the casing to filling ratio was a little too far on the pastry end of the spectrum. I can’t believe I am about to say this (as I love pastry), but this is a case (pardon the pun) where I genuinely think the pie would’ve been better in a ceramic dish with just a pastry lid.

The beef and chorizo filling was also epically tasty too. All in all, despite a few pointers for improvement upon this solid (nay, good) foundation, a good experience. Except for one minor detail. We arrived in good time for the show so were happy to have a couple/three drinks. Niche is geared up for the “wham, bam, thank you Ma’am” delivery of the food, which means you’ll have to be quite apt at getting waiter’s attention for another round of beer!

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