There’s been some recent noises from restauranteurs recently…. apparently taking so-called “food-porn” photos in restaurants is disruptive…. some venues are even moving to ban the practice.

OK, so I get why you wouldn’t want the extremes I have seen cited – people moving tables for a better shot for example, but surely that’s just basic diner manners and not something to warrant a man because of an ignorant minority. Maybe in dim light, you wouldn’t want your food showcased that way? Anyone with a camera, even a smartphone, worth their salt gets that – and back to my first point, they will be sparing with the flash (or not take a photo at all).

The internet has allowed everyone to be a critic; but it also allows everyone to be a promoter too. Yes, there are some trolls out there, which I have written about before, but I’ve visited places solely because I have seen them on social media and blogs, richly illustrated with photos that reinforce the notion that my hard-earned pounds will procure me a good experience.

These restauranteurs say they want people to be consumed by the moment they are creating in their restaurant without distractions. But people also want to remember those moments; they want to share them with friends and family (and brag too!).

The root cause here seems to be a small minority lacking in basic decorum and ettiquette/manners; it isn’t a justification to ban something that brings joy to many people and advertises your establishment for free. Quite simply, any restaurant that implements such a ban shall not be frequented by me – and that isn’t because I like photos for my blog, far from it. It’s a fundamental point of principle, the opposition to which seems to have brought out some very vain and arrogant restauranteurs whose establishments I suspect I wouldn’t enjoy anyway….. so maybe I should be grateful for their rhetoric.

Incidentally, I do like that one restaurant is handing customers professional photos with their bills; that seems to me like a step towards a wonderful compromise.

No photography in a restaurant?
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