I recently went on my biannual vist to Glasgow. This time, opting to stay more centrally around Buchannan Gallaries near the City’s Merchant City, which in some respects is considered the nicer part of town. With a friend, I opted to go to Rogano; it is famous for its fish, but should be more famous for its art deco interior. It would not be out of place in the Titanic, I swear.

Service is the typical bonnie Scot that you get almost everywhere around Glasgow; I’ve been to many places south of the border where the stour service could’ve been instantly lifted with a Scottish import.

Decadance was the order of the day; the wine list is not a tome, but has a good and complete range; fillet steak was an awkward shape for the chef to cook, but he/she did very well with a perfectly medium-rare affair from a clearly excellent source; served with simple but well matched items. Canapes were simple and delicious.

A short review, I know, but as there were two of our favourite wines on the menu, the focus was more a good natter over a light supper with drinks than an epic four course affair; that said, if the opportunity arises, I shall return for a fuller experience.


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