This is a really thick batter that works brilliantly for things with an eastern influence, like prawns or vegetables. Especially good with strips of courgette as served in my local.

This will make enough to batter enough things for two people; easily scalable in these ratios. And as it doesn’t rest well at all, can be made on demand too.

50g corn flour
75g plain flour
5g baking powder
Pinch turmeric (this is for colouring and not flavour, so can be omitted if desired)
A quantum of iced soda water

Mix all of the flours together with the baking powder and turmeric. Then slowly add the iced soda water to the mix (leaving the ice cubes behind) until you have a really thick batter. Do the minimum amount of stirring possible – the odd little lump is OK – over-beating it would be worse than removing the lumps. Use the batter immediately, it really doesn’t rest well.

Then coat your subjects (your imagination and it being able to cook through in deep fat in a couple minutes are the limits) and deep fry at 180-190 degrees until crisp and golden.

For a little variety, try mixing in a tablespoon of curry powder with the flours; this will give a wonderful curry overtone to the batter, which is great with some prawns or even chunks of paneer cheese being battered! More batters feature in my book.

Tempura Batter
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