This is a classic, but it is done so wrong in so many places. I was heartened in the Red Lion in Arundel, Sussex to see the art isn’t lost.

The best BLT is a blend of just 5 great ingredients (the mayonnaise and the bread are equally important) in the right quantity in the right way.

The bacon should be as good as you can buy, thick cut and smoked, it should be cooked to be crisp enough to ensure a clean and easy bully’s through it but not overdone. Too much cooking and you’ll get too much of a concentrated salt flavour.

The tomatoes need to be big and ripe, and sliced at room temperature – all to often you get warm bacon and bread and freezing cold tomato which ruins matters. Wild tomatoes not intensively grown are better as you need some of the sweet flavour to work with the salty bacon.

The lettuce is OK to be cold, the contrary temperature helps the dish, but it has to be from a lettuce with big leaves!

Finally, the mayonnaise is best homemade with a subtle hint of mustard and spread on the bread; which in turn, for me at least, should be granary and lightly toasted. Purists will scream at me for not saying white bread, but the subtle nuttiness works so well with everything else.

Just remember the bread is the stage and the filling should be deep!

And there you go, how to make, in my view at least, the perfect BLT.

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