The Book Club, on Leonard Street in Shoreditch is everything you would expect from an establishment in this area. Industrial walls, quirky furniture, crockery that looks like it is from a Russian gulag, overly cheery staff, hipster bespectacled creative types entranced by their Apple laptops, ping pong tables and menus on clipboards.

However, to be fair, the food is reasonably priced, home made and tasty (homemade falafel wrap for £7 is only £2 more than the falafel van in Whitecross Street food market, for example). They have a good solid selection of draught beer, including my favourite, Asahi, which scores them points.

The only thing is that the service can be leisurely (which is in no small part down to a small kitchen which has the maximum number of staff that can fit in it against a busy lunchtime crowd), but, unlike almost everywhere else in this area that is like this place, well, I don’t hate it, despite the fact I should on principle……. because there’s one thing missing from the list above – The Book Club actually doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is both its saviour and its defining characteristic.

If you’re in the area and fancy an informal and casual lunchtime bite, well, to be fair, there aren’t that many places I’d recommend above here.

The Book Club
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