This is a cocktail (by which I mean shot) I discovered in my misspent youth – separated away from the oversight of parents or the vicar I lodged with at University (long story, but the rent was cheap and as a perpetually working scientist, it was 10 minutes walk from the Department), in the darkened lounge of my first flat, it was tested with my equally bold and foolhardy friend.

You take one shot of vodka, add seven dashes of tabasco, a dash of worcestershire sauce, a grind of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon and off you go. It’s wonderfully warming in so many ways!

And before you all go “EW!”, it’s not far off a Bloody Mary without the tomato juice. Or the celery salt. Or the horseradish. Or the stick of celery. As you’ll find out when I post a recipe on that soon enough!


The Hand Grenade
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