It amazes me that people get this wrong; it’s incredibly simple to make Gin and Tonic a spectacular drink in these easy steps;

  1. Fill the glass with crushed ice. A G&T, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view) is not a drink designed to be drunk slowly.
  2. The correct ratio is at least one-third gin to no more than two-thirds tonic. If the thought of exceeding that minimum ratio fills you with dread, make the drink and add a splash of gin on the top – the relative densities of gin and tonic are such that most will remain at the top and you’ll get a hit of gin in the first sip to prove my point.
  3. Lemon is unambituous (I borrowed that from Daniel Hannan MEP) – lime is the correct garnish and preferably a twist, or a wedge if you want.
  4. Choice of tonic is important – nothing too sweet, so avoid sugary full fat ones (diet/slimline is best in my opinion). It has to be fizzy, which means don’t use a bottle that has been opened a while ago.

And there we go, no real difficulty or using anything you wouldn’t already have necessarily, just the correct ratio, ice and garnish.

Oh, and also, just for the record, speaking not only as a Devonian proud and true, but as a connoisseur of gin, the best gin for this is Plymouth (Navy strength if you can get it) and absolutely no cucumber in sight.

The Perfect Gin and Tonic
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