I was eagerly anticipating a visit to The Spice House in St Aubin, Jersey with friends. I had been promised what they called “tiffin dishes” or what I would call a Thali – a mix and match of several together.

It’s set in a building off the road alongside the promenade, and has a distinctly Eastern theme in decor, by which I mean Arabic, Persian or Moroccan and neither the Indian nor Thai cuisines it has adopted.

Which leads me into the menu – you can mix and match Thai and Indian dishes which is unique; I chose not to but I can see the charm. This of course leads to an issue – when do the poppadums come….. And they don’t seen geared up to serving them (or I presume prawn crackers) before taking orders.

Draft premium lager by the point is reasonably priced, but despite what I said on a review of Suma’s, Jersey when it comes to Cobra outclasses London by a good 1-2 pounds a large bottle; I assume because if the faff in importing it.

Food wise, the dishes were well presented, far more haute cuisine than the average Indian restaurant, but portions were average.

I had a tandoori king prawn starter which was well executed, then an equally well executed Lamb Jalfrezi – mainly because your choice is limited to just 5 classics , the same approach is used with Thai. They passed my tarka dhal test, but the real highlight was a peshwari naan featuring glacĂ© cherries and a variety of nuts the likes of which I have yet to experience elsewhere was was truly remarkable.

Which leaves me trying to search for a conclusion. My comments regarding the decor could be construed as criticism; they aren’t. It’s quirky and I like quirky. The food and service show an underlying competence which is a great foundation. I just felt underwhelmed by the whole experience as with all those in place, they should easily be able to do more – and the first place to start would be a more extensive menu. For lovers of the breadth of diversity of Indian and Thai cuisine, it puts you right on he back foot before you’ve ordered which is a shame – that said, I have had considerably worse experiences in classic “outright Indian” restaurants.

The Spice House
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